Technosport - Technosystem

Technosystem makes being fit, happy, healthy, EASY, and FUN.

Achieve your full potential for enhanced productivity and improved quality of life!

Technosport leverages scientific knowledge, coaching expertise, and sport methodology with Technosystem, led by Coach Duane Jones PhD.,CFC,CPT.

What is the number one complaint when it comes to fitness? Being able to make time for it.

Whether you want to lose weight, or train for a sport or special event, fitting it all in can be a big challenge.

With Technosystem, you will successfully integrate exercise, wellness and weight management into your busy schedule. Technosystem DELIVERS RESULTS!


*Program Setup by Coach.

*Personal Wellness and Counseling: Define your wellness/fitness goals and set attainable objectives one on one with Coach.

*Bioanalogics Body Composition:  Computerized, accurate body composition.

*Training / Sport Specific and Cross Training /Exercise Plan: Monitored by Coach.

*Daily Wellness Record/ Stress Management: Chart daily activity and objectives for nutrition, physical activity and positive lifestyle practices. Monitored by Coach.

*Nutrition / Healthy Menu Plans: Helps you create a healthy menu plan for meals and snacks – reduce fat content without compromising flavour or portion size. Teaches you to make healthy, low fat selections when dining out  or making your favorite meals. Learn to create healthy meals by pre-planning menus and understanding food labels.