Corporate Fitness & Wellness Programs and Group Memberships

Bring us to your workplace – or bring us to wherever you want us to be! Technosport provides customized fitness, health & wellness programs that deliver results. Starting with your goals and working within your budget, we help to improve the health and wellness of your organization. Our coaches can also do comprehensive fitness testing as the first step in setting up a wellness or fitness program for your company or social group.

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Certified Fitness, Health & Wellness Program

Smart employers are looking for ways to create a culture of health and wellness in the workplace and to get their employees moving. The goal for companies is to provide employees with a sustainable program that benefits employees.

Our corporate wellness program improves company productivity by:

  • Attracting superior quality staff
  • Reducing the rate of absenteeism and time lost
  • Enhancing on-the-job time utilization and decision making; and
  • Improving worker morale, which in turn lowers turnover

We use an interactive workshop format that provides an opportunity to understand key lifestyle factors and how they may impact your life, to assess your lifestyle choices and to identify manageable and actionable changes. Technosport gives you a proven action plan to enhance your work life balance and productivity, reduce stress, and above all, get fit! All seminars are customized to the needs of each organization.

Wellness seminars can run for a half day or over two days, depending on the time that your organization has available. (References available upon request)

Prices starting at $1,400 for half day (Are you a Technosport member? Ask about our discounted rate!)

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Customized Small Group Fitness, Health & Wellness Seminars

This is a great plan for members who would like to share Technosport with their community group, small workplace, or church. Get your group motivated while you work on team building and personal growth. Technosport can also offer fitness evaluation and nutrition advice if required.

This is a flexible, custom program!

Prices starting at $600 for half day (Are you a Technosport member? Ask about our discounted rate!)

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Corporate Weight Loss Challenges

Build team spirit; get your employees fit and healthy – a fun contest!

Technosport will visit your workplace, and put a motivating weight loss and fitness program in place with measurable goals. Participating employees receive fitness evaluation, nutrition counseling and training plan.

Start with as few as 5 people, or as many as 100!

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