Technosport Annual Christmas Bootcamp – 2017 dates TBA

Location: Lowertown Pool, 40 Cobourg St

Camp for ALL Swimmers who want to swim better, easier and faster. We’ve been doing swimming training and analysis for over 50 years – we know athletes and how to help them attain their goals, from novice to expert.

Our Camp Coaching is designed for those swimmers who want a better grounding in the basics as well as for those who want to work on refinement of their swim skills.

Your camp registration includes of pool and lecture time & personal underwater video analysis!

It’s the perfect option to:

  • Help you in preparing for provincial, national champs, Triathlons & Fitness
  • Nutrition and Training to Peak Performance lectures
  • Get over and under water video analysis of your stroke
  • Focus on swimming fast and efficiently and lots of meters
  • Work on starts and turns-race strategies and stroke-specific drills
  • Complete boot camp physical testing
  • Receive a computerized body composition analysis and nutrition plan

Plus non-members receive free swimming with club for 2 weeks!