About Technosport Programs and Club Membership

About Technosport Plans

At Technosport, we work very hard to ensure there is a plan for everyone.  We pride ourselves on being inclusive – there’s a plan for every level, every goal. We train at some of the best facilities the city has to offer.

And we’re unique – our plans deliver results for everyone.  At TECHNOSPORT, we make it as easy as possible to train and get fit and have fun.

BECOME A TECHNOSPORT MEMBER – and gain access to members only training plans and workshops.

How? It’s easy.  Just go to View Technosport Swim and Triathlon Club Plans and Pricing.   Our plans give you access to all of our members-only specialty programs like Spinning, Training Camps & Video Analysis. If you’re not ready to be a member, click on the link & check out our programs for non-members. Give us a try!

OUR MEMBERS TRULY HAVE IT ALL!  Technosport trains/swims at one of only two 8-lane 50 meter pools in Ottawa!

AND – Technosport  members receive 30 percent off a full gym membership at University of Ottawa – with full access and FREE parking during selected times! So you can do your swimming, weight and dryland indoor training all in one place.

When you’re not at home, we give you workouts tailored to YOU, so you’re always able to maintain your fitness level or get ready for a race.

Questions or feedback are always welcome – visit our contact page!

Click here for pool location and parking info