Technosport Testimonials

We are proud to say that Technosport receives a lot of positive feedback from people.

In 2014 we celebrated 50 years of coaching! That’s 50 years of satisfaction from successful Technosport client athletes.

You don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our athletes have to say:

From frustrated beginner to feeling fantastic!

I am a new member of Technosport and am amazed at the dedication of its members and staff.  I started in the pool unable to complete a 25m front crawl without loss of breath, struggling with swimming mechanics and having a sense of frustration.  It is now 5 weeks later; I am able to swim three lengths of the pool and feeling fantastic. Ryan took time to address technique; providing tools to achieve better breathing and correct my stoke methodology.  Duane has provided a winning attitude, positive feedback as well as explaining swimming techniques. Duane stated “It’s not how many laps you do, it’s how long you stay in the pool.  Just keep swimming and don’t stop!”  Thumbs Up! P.S. I have also lost 6 lbs and have more energy even with starting the day at 4a.m. (due to one hour drive each way). Thank you!

Vanessa Bligdon-Bernicky

From beginner to Nationals in 6 months!

Coach Duane taught me that ‘the negative few do not outweigh the positive many’.  With his help, along with support from my wonderful peers in Technosport, I went from being unable to swim one lap to competing in Nationals and completing my first Olympic triathlon…all in 6 months!


Over 19 years and still helping me

In the past 19 years, he has coached me not only as a swimmer, but also with my training for the world lifesaving championships. He also helped me many times balance my working life as a doctor, helped me stay on track with my nutrition and lose weight, when he saw I was heading in the wrong direction.

Dr. Doug Bishop

Getting outside my comfort zone to achieve my goals

I was intrigued by Coach Duane Jones’s “confidence, passion and belief in the success of every athlete.” Joining TechnoSport was definitely outside my comfort zone, but Coach Duane Jones made me feel welcome and able to achieve anything that I set my mind to. Coach brings empowerment to people’s lives and that is a great accomplishment.

Laura Durno

Improved swimming and a new ‘family’

I’m new to the world of team swimming. I joined Technosport in October 2010. I felt like a member of the Technosport ‘family’ almost immediately. My swimming has really improved – and my improvements have been noticed and celebrated by others at Technosport. Coaching makes a big difference – at the regular training sessions, at the ‘swim camps’ and at the special ‘skills and drills’ sessions. I look better, feel better and am having fun. The results are worth the effort (even if it means getting up early)!

Dorothy M

Coach Duane’s training keeks me healthy and fit on the road and at home.

The Technosport team are a wonderful, supportive group of people and Coach Duane got me started in swimming and triathlon training and helps to keep me healthy and fit on the road and at home.

Wendy Moore, Touring Artist / Musician with The Celtic Rathskallions

I feel like I have a new lease on life

When I started the weight loss and wellness program with Coach Duane, I was 75 pounds overweight, and didn’t know where to begin. He started by helping me find and make time for fitness, and eating right. It was like a light bulb went on for the first time. I work shifts, so fitness is a challenge, always.
But with Coach’s program I lost ALL the weight, kept it off, and I feel like I have a new lease on life.


Coach Duane changed the way I look at fitness and really at life.

I have been a pretty good athlete all my life; but I hit a big speedbump when I had my children, and I wasn’t really able to work out, feeling a lot of pressure from my job, the demands of my family etc. Time went by and I was feeling miserable, I heard about Coach Duane from a colleague at work. I learned how a specific amount of targeted exercise is what you need to lose weight and stay fit; and he helped me find time to eat right and start a solid fitness routine. Coach Duane changed the way I look at fitness and really at life.

Sheila R.

Technosport is among the very best this country has to offer

Thanks for a great morning!!! As a former member of Canadian National Teams in 2 different sports I have seen a lot of great and a lot of poorly run programs. I can see that Technosport is among the very best this country has to offer. I must say you guys run a very classy and well organized program. The challenge with big groups is not wasting anyone’s time. During the whole morning, no one was ever standing around with nothing to do. The coaches were great at explaining, demonstrating and giving useful feedback. I have often been involved with coaches who put their athletes through drills with no purpose or interaction. I saw none of that here and that shows you have coaches who know what they are doing and actually enjoy when they teach an athlete something new. I look forward to meeting you again to discuss the results, the Easter camp, and I plan to get more involved as an athlete with Technosport.

Comment on annual Techno Spring Camp

Duane’s program has been very motivating to me.

The development of physical and mental discipline has improved my ability to be more focused in other areas of my life.

Judith Ginsburg – Concert Pianist

Energy, well-being and determination

Duane’s motivational training and nutrition monitoring has given me an amazing amount of energy, enhanced sense of well-being and determination to be the best I can be in all facets of my life.

Patricia Davis – Medical Secretary

Training for Olympic Excellence

Duane’s coaching has helped me put my life in order, to train for Olympic excellence.

Linda Jackson – Bank Vice-President / Olympic Cyclist

Ironman finishers thanks to Duane

This program has given us a healthier lifestyle and brought us closer together. If it wasn’t for Duane, we wouldn’t have finished the Ironman.

Tanis Browning-Shelp and Andy Shelp – Coaches and Ironman finishers

Duane taught me the meaning of dedication

Over the years with Duane, he has truly taught me the meaning of dedication in both sport and personal life.

Ian Fraser – Professional Triathlete